Garrett Detrixhe


2020 Filmmaking Reel


Claire, December 21

writer | director | editor

A young mother wakes up on a cold, winter day and changes the course of her family's life forever.

Power Hour

writer | director | editor

For a stress ridden young professional, an overnight visit from an old high school buddy evolves into a much needed emotional escape.

2019 Official Selection

The Weight

writer | director

Emma attempts to hide the details of a painful past when it comes to light that her boyfriend misremembers how they first met. When the truth is revealed, the two must figure out how to move forward.

BEST DRAMA - Yallywood Film Festival - 2

An American Tradition

writer | director

Brickman, Texas. Under crushing pressure to bring home another state championship, Eddie and Tyler, captains of the football team, are determined to separate the men from the boys. But while putting a promising recruit through the team’s punishing initiation ritual, the two begin to feel the true weight of the American Tradition.

Thesis film at the FSU College of Motion Picture Arts.


Garrett is a filmmaker. 

He is from Oklahoma, but he lives in Atlanta now.

His last name is pronounced "dee-tree". 

He is a writer, a director, a producer, and an editor. 

He is also an avid hiker and eater of things. 

Garrett's shorts have screened at film festivals all over the country. 

Some of them are here on this website for you to watch.

How neat, right? 

Garrett is the founder of THE THURSDAY CLUB. 

He produced, co-wrote, and edited David Swinburne's FORMALDEHYDE.

He also produced and edited Inés Michelena's ANGIE. 

Check those out.

He will respond if you email him, so go for it.